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Adding or creating your family through adoption means many wonderful things for you and your child.  It also means welcoming ambiguous loss and grief into your home.  When a child does not have the opportunity to grow-up in their biological family it can often create missing pieces, missing information and missing people.  Adoption competent therapy can help both you and your child understand these challenges and losses.

Loss and Grief

Grieving is a process with no end date, no instructions and often no resolution.  It can be difficult and isolating as those around you want you to move forward or “past” your grief.  Grief/Loss therapy gives you the place and time to express your loss, guilt, and questions,  allowing you to move forward in your own time. 

General Practice

Anxiety, depression, marital or relationship issues, transitions and even a global pandemic can have a significant impact on our daily lives.  Therapy can provide you with a place where you can spend an hour focused on you.  It can provide you with the ability to be hopeful about your future and how to get there.